This year’s edition of BIFE-SIM provided a platform for Romania’s furniture industry to display its wares and to prove the worldwide appeal of its products. The show housed over 300 exhibitors and generated an unexpectedly positive amount of business interest for Romania’s furniture manufacturers.

The fair counted a footfall of over 22,000 – a mix of Romanians and foreigners – that visited the five-day exhibition. The visitors included both end-users, looking for new furniture for their homes, and industry insiders in search of new business opportunities. 

Reinterpreted traditional collections, made entirely out of sculptured wood, and the fresh innovative design signed by youngest talents in the field made the trends for 2014 apparent at this year’s BIFE-SIM. One of the top trends in Romanian furniture for 2014 is the use of pastel colour, such as pale violet, lemon, mint, soft blue or pink, which provide an elegant and simple look.

An undeniable asset of BIFE-SIM 2013 was the variety of traditional solid oak furniture. Striking classical pieces were mixed with modern ones, representing another major furniture design trend for next year.

BIFE-SIM 2013 gathered exhibitors from Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey. The fair was organised by Romexpo and co-organised by Romanian Furniture Manufacturers’ Association, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Euroexpo.