Bed manufacturer and foam converter Breasley is one of the most innovative players in its field. A specialist in vacuum-packed mattresses and unique fillings, best known for its Salus and Uno collections, the business is never short on stories – explains Breasley’s head of marketing, Clare Taylor …

What have you achieved since joining Breasley?

I’ve only been here since February 2019, and it’s been an action-packed 12 months! We have rebranded and relaunched our premium Salus mattress collection, along with full marketing collateral and a promotional campaign. We’ve also implemented a comprehensive PR, communications and social media campaign, and delivered three exhibitions. The work is varied, and there’s always lots to do.

How is your previous experience benefiting the business?

My degree is in International Management and German, with a specialism in strategic marketing. I worked across several industries including pharmaceuticals and railways, before entering the bed industry four years ago. I hope my experiences are benefiting the company in terms of bringing in techniques used in other sectors, strategy and planning, plus brand-building for the business as a whole.

As a marketeer, what’s your number one rule?

The main one would be – make sure you have a plan, and implement it!

Can you highlight any marketing campaigns you particularly admire? 

I have always liked the M&S Plan A because there is no Plan B campaign. This has been around for a while now (since 2007 I believe) but is ongoing. I think it is a bold and memorable campaign which highlights their eco and ethical programme to tackle sustainable retail challenges. 

Which themes are dominating the bed sector, and how is Breasley responding?

Obviously sustainability and the environment are two of the main themes, along with sleep and wellbeing. We are trying to address these themes through our innovative product development initiatives, bringing them to the core of all future product developments here at Breasley.

Does Breasley’s marketing prioritise lifestyle benefits over technical specs? 

I think you need a balance between both. Buying a bed is quite a tactile experience, even though many products are purchased online nowadays. You still need to entice the consumer with look and feel first, and then satisfy their appetite for information. 

The retailer wants something that looks great in-store, but they need to be armed with more technical detail to answer any questions thrown at them by the consumer. That’s why for the new Salus range, for example, we have varied the PoS package we provide, giving different levels of information for both the consumer and the retailer.

How have you adapted the PoS to suit Salus’ new look? 

We really went back to the drawing board and started afresh with the rebrand. Breasley has always been generous with its support for retailers in terms of PoS. We invested in some great new photography, which really helped bring the brand to life, and is essential to support internet-based sales. We also provided additional information for retailers in terms of specification and training material.

Are there any other ways you’re helping retailers convey Breasley’s story? 

We are using social media as a way to build and share the Breasley story, and asking our retailers to help engage with our content so they can share and interact with it to help spread the story of the brand to their customer bases.

What did you introduce at the January Furniture Show? 

We showcased a revised Uno range, with the introduction of four new entry-level rolled mattresses offering great value. The new Salus collection was also on display, giving retailers another opportunity to view the new brand and updated collection.

How will Breasley’s identity evolve this year? 

You will see more from Breasley in terms of building a consumer-facing brand.