Furniture technology centre FIRA International's head of materials testing, Vaughan Taylor, has received a long service award in recognition of over 40 years of dedicated service to FIRA and the furniture industry.

Vaughan joined FIRA in 1974, and over the intervening years has truly become an expert in board materials and surface finish performance. As well as serving FIRA and its customers, Vaughan has help nurture many staff through the business.

Phil Reynolds, general manager of FIRA International, says: "Long service awards are quite rare these days and so I am really pleased to mark this exceptional event. Many of FIRA’s customers have benefited from Vaughan’s knowledge and advice over the last 40 years, and I know that they would like to join us in thanking Vaughan for his hard work and dedication to the furniture industry."

The presentation took place at the Furniture Industry Research Association’s reception at the House of Lords on Friday 17th June, and was presented by Lord Hoyle of Warrington.