This year’s January Furniture Show, which concluded after four days of business last Wednesday, boasted more than its usual share of high-quality displays – but Furniture News’ 2019 Stand of the Show award went to Alexander & James’ Wonderland-themed retreat.

Created by the upholsterer’s brand director Michelle White, the stand took cues from fairy tales, catwalk trends and a blend of complementary themes to provide a warm, engaging environment in which to do business, putting the supplier’s bestselling velvet-upholstered models to the fore.

“The story behind the stand is our attempt to make sense of a chaotic world by offering collections grounded in themes such as wanderlust and gratitude,” says Michelle.

At once decadent and homely, ethereal and glamorous, the look proved so popular with visitors that Michelle plans to recreate it in the brand’s Long Eaton showroom – as well as in Alexander & James’ first retail store, which is set to open in Bangkgok in February 2019.

“I’m confident this look will translate to the store,” says Michelle.

Furniture News’ editor-in-chief, Paul Farley, comments: “Consistently busy, and playing host to a lively party on the second night of the show, Alexander & James’ neon-tinged escape proved the Furniture News team’s favourite this year – and we’re sure we’re not alone in that opinion!”