Bettzeit, the Frankfurt-based owner of sleep brands including Emma, has reiterated its commitment to growth through staff recruitment. The company, which was founded in 2013, now has 215 employees, and is looking to fill 20 full-time positions.

“We are currently hiring about 10 people per month," says co-founder and CEO Dennis Schmoltzi. "Our Emma brand is active in 20 markets worldwide. Furthermore, we want our excellent development teams’ success to continue and keep innovating. Meaningful growth can only be sustained with excellent minds and a strong team.”

Bettzeit's management team has expanded to include: people and organisation director Vanessa Vollrath; CMO Gastón Tourn; COO Christian Portz; and R&D director Philipp Wagner.

“We are expanding at a high pace, and this change will keep us making decisions soundly and quickly,” continues Dennis. “However, when it comes to decisionmaking, we remain very loyal to our start-up roots. The best idea wins, no matter who it comes from.”

Pictured: Gastón Tourn, Christian Portz, Philipp Wagner und Vanessa Vollrath