Founded in 2011 by Sigurd Strøm, furniture designer and professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, with entrepreneur, Henning Romero, Norwegian furniture studio By Corporation selects talented young designers to be a part of its innovative, out-of-the-box business model.

Unearthing some of Scandinavia’s most talented, up-and-coming creative professionals, By Corporation specialises in the production and distribution of short runs of innovative furniture, art, and accessories. While successful ranges may subsequently be chosen for extensive production runs – often by larger, renowned manufacturers – the company offers its designers something far more valuable than guaranteed revenue – it offers opportunity.

Via its website, By Corporation’s selected artists and designers are able to display their creations to the world. From there, buyers can purchase art, furniture and accessories directly from the website. Alternatively, contract buyers can source goods from – ensuring both the residential and commercial markets are catered for.

By Corporation’s intimate approach to both the designers within its stable, and to its discerning customers, is an imperative part of its success.

“The chair was designed in such a way to express humility, and respect for the design history of Swedish chairs – but with a modern and unexpected alteration”

By carefully selecting designs that are sure to be appreciated by contract interior professionals and design aficionados, the company enjoys a unique position within the bespoke furniture market.

One of By Corporation’s most recent young additions is 23-year-old design student, Linnéa Ekström. The Swedish couturier recently created her inaugural furniture design, entitled Dear Past. First displayed at Stockholm Furniture Fair, the unique, backless chair-come-stool has been revered by her contemporaries – and it looks as if it may be one of By Corporation’s most successful collaborations to date.

Dear Past takes its design cues from the simplicity of Swedish furniture design, but reinterpreted to offer an entirely new perspective. Linnéa altered the back-rest of the chair from a traditional shape, and shortened each of the five posts. This results in Dear Past possessing a dramatic silhouette, despite its relative simplicity.

“During the moment I made this chair I began a new period, moving to Norway and starting a new school,” Linnéa explains. “The outcome of this move was that I created something kind and dear to home. The chair was designed in such a way to express humility, and respect for the design history of Swedish chairs – but with a modern and unexpected alteration.”

By Corporation, which primarily supports artists and designers from Scandinavia, immediately bought into Linnéa’s conceptual piece. “Dear Past cleverly negotiates mood swings between modesty and creative expression, and it achieves all of this without shouting aggressively with bold colours or extreme new textures,” says a spokesperson for the company.

“For By Corporation, Dear Past reinforces a commitment to exceptional young Scandinavian designers. We believe that the heritage of good design in this part of the world is so strong that the next generation can again surprise and enthrall us all.”

Linnéa, who is still presently studying design, is equally as enthusiastic about the opportunities By Corporation offers to young designers. “I have the privilege to still be in school, to enjoy being part of the exploration of design and art. The contemporary is in our hands,” she says.

By Corporation has produced a short run of Dear Past, and is available from