Colour is an essential part of any design project, and this year Furniture News has invited the trend forecasting company behind Mix Publications, Global Color Research, to talk about a key colour for the current season. Although the company forecasts colour trends two years ahead of the season, this series of articles focuses on a colour of the month, taken from the Mix Trends forecast, bringing relevant information to manufacturers, interior designers and any professional within the design industry. Hannah Malein presents dusky yellow…

Once again, we look to a trend of reassuring neutrals, finding a comfort zone in the gentle and familiar hues that surround us. Back in March, we looked at the popularity and contemporary application of soft grey – however, this month dusky yellow takes centre stage, another key colour from Reflect, a trend for spring/summer 2013.

This trend is focused on wellbeing, and the importance of supporting mood and providing a sense of security in our living spaces. A refined approached is taken, with simple design aesthetics paired with a palette of soothing tones and subtle finish effects.

Nostalgic neutrals and base tones are combined for modern application. Create a visually tranquil look with this balance of harmonious tones. This time we focus on the warmer side of the palette, where dusky yellow is used as the main colour, casting a glowing summer haze.

Emphasise the warmth with touches of tan brown and rich cream to ground it, or, for subtle contrast, pair with a slate blue or fern green to bring a new dimension.

Natural wood and cork surfaces contrast with synthetic finishes in Reflect, where metallic and iridescent coatings add interest and depth. Grasses and natural fibres are woven together in organic frameworks, whilst metal honeycomb structures echo both the industrial and organic side of the trend. Soft touch and tactile finishes engage and draw connection to the user, and fine ceramic and chalky finishes contrast with sleek mirrored and reflective elements in furnishings.

The colour of emotion, yellow exudes positive properties including optimism, friendliness and creativity. We also find comfort in this familiar colour – it has an almost wholesome feel, ideal for such turbulent times. The softness of the dusky yellow brings a welcoming warmth and honesty, and this optimistic shade reflects light and opens out a space, so is perfect for using in hallways and entrances.

Dusky yellow and creamy neutrals can be found on many examples in the furniture world this season. Pictured is the flexible seating furniture range Scope from Cor, which combines three yellow hues, highlighting the different combinations that can be made. Further, Polish design studio Lorens & Lorens have designed this honeycomb desk unit, combining soft yellow hues and polished wood surfaces.

Use this month’s key colour – dusky yellow – with slate blue, grounded with cream and tan brown for soothing contrast. For the full palette and ideas for its application, see a presentation of the Reflect trend in Mix Trends’ Spring Summer 2013 issue.

Hannah Malein is a colour trend consultant with Global Color Research. Mix Trends and Mix magazine can advise of similar trend predictions up to two years ahead of the season. Sign up to the company’s monthly newsletter to receive the latest information on colour, trend and design.