“Intricate and engaging”, Limahl Asmall’s Nest Coffee Table is a strong structure, yet is built randomly from a choice of timbers. Nest came first in the Furniture category of the New Design Britain awards in 2009, netting Limahl the Young Furniture Designer of the Year accolade.

“Beautiful furniture needs time to be considered, designed and developed – I would rather 10s of extraordinary pieces than 1000s of average ones”

“The structure is the focal point, and so it is a natural progression to use glass instead of a solid top. The cool glass complements the warmth of the timber," says Limahl.

“The table can be produced in a variety of solid timbers according to a client’s preferences. Oak and walnut are favourites, but it has been produced in wenge and other exotic woods.

“The design inspiration for the table arose through a series of workshop experiments that focused on freeform and interlocking structures. Aptly named the Nest Coffee Table, it is made in the UK without a template and each table is unique.

“Solid wood is essential for stability, and the table has gone through many design iterations to alleviate the spring from the multiple leverage points.

“Finally, the table is fairly compact, at 90cm diameter and 36cm height, and uses solid timber sticks to produce an intricate and engaging form.”

Limahl trained as a cabinetmaker at the University of Lincoln, and holds a Master’s degree in Design from the Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture & Design.

Previously director of British lighting studio MacMaster Design, Limahl founded the HouseOriginals.com studio and store this year. His work has been featured at over 19 international exhibitions, including ones in Singapore, New York, Stockholm and London.

This article was published in the July issue of Furniture News magazine.