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By Furniture News Nov 01, 2021

Online showcase unveils new direction

The team behind The Online Furniture Show is launching a new online trade event, Preview22, which will take place on 11-12th January 2022

Designed to help showcase the latest products from UK and European suppliers, Preview22 is built on the foundations of The Online Furniture Show, and run by the organiser's DataHouse software.

“Each year retailers come into January with the knowledge that trade shows are happening, but have very little information on the actual products they will be able to see once they make the journey to the trade halls,” says creative director Mike Ogle.

“With Covid restrictions and cautions still being prevalent, Preview22 is the perfect bridge into the trade show period, helping retailers view products and start planning what they want to go and see in January. As we understand it, a lot of retailers are trying to limit their time in the trade halls this year, so this new show is the perfect solution to help streamline the process of buying new product – no more searching for what’s new, but searching for something you know you want to take a closer look at.”

The show is open to all suppliers, says Mike, and, unlike previous editions, there are no additional charges for the number of collections or products added into the system. Any suppliers already using DataHouse will be able to exhibit free of charge. DataHouse is currently in its pre-launch phase, so there are no subscription fees until February 2022.

"With over 2000 retailers visiting the first two shows run by The Online Furniture Show, the company hopes to bring more products and brands to the attention of buyers in early January to help get the trade moving once again in 2022," concludes Mike.

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