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By Furniture News Sept 27, 2013

Friday five – Geoff Brailsford, Kingstown Furniture

Each Friday, Furniture News puts five questions to a selected industry professional to explore their background and approach to business. Today, it's the turn of Geoff Brailsford, group sales director of Kingstown Furniture  …

How did you get into the trade?

Before leaving school, I began working part-time at the DFS in Darley Dale when it was owned by the Hardy family, in order to save up for my first car. This experience introduced me to this exciting industry and the wonderful people involved in it.

What was the turning point in your career?

Joining the Silentnight Group and working for John Hancock MBE. The time I spent working with these two industry giants was a truly invaluable stage in my career and it was this experience which led to the opportunity to join Kingstown.

How will the industry evolve?

In my experience, I have found that the furniture industry is cyclical, with economic trends constantly changing throughout the year. As costs abroad are currently rising, I believe that we will see many British manufacturers taking advantage of this by expanding to meet demand, as we are consistently striving to do here at Kingstown.

How can retailers increase sales and profitability?

Retailers need to offer stylish, innovative and reliable furniture which will appeal to a wide section of the market. They can also increase sales and profitability by really investing in high quality presentation and by making use of suppliers’ point-of-sale material.

Retailers also need to choose reliable and efficient suppliers and make sure that they provide excellent customer service. With the right supplier, they can offer their customers the benefits of quick delivery times, reduced delivery costs and stylish, attractive ranges which are high quality and value for money.

What brings a smile to your face in this industry?

The dedication and enthusiasm of my colleagues always brings a smile to my face, but above all, working alongside some of the UK’s best designers to create innovative and stylish collections which will suit a wide range of consumers really makes me appreciate my position in the industry.

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