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By Furniture News Jul 01, 2022

Hypnos – a force for change

Investment in people and processes is helping Royal Warrant holder Hypnos meet growing demand for eco-conscious beds, says CEO James Keen …

What’s keeping you busy right now?

Our end-of-year board meeting, where we discussed our plans for the year ahead. This included a focus on the next phase in our evolving sustainability strategy, as well as innovative new products we’re developing. 

These meetings are a highlight for me – seeing the hard work and talent in the team who are propelling this family-run company forward, and the passion they have for Hypnos, is incredibly fulfilling.

Can you outline the recent changes to Hypnos’ management line-up?

We recently broadened our sustainability team with the appointment of Gary Mitchell in the newly created role of sustainable development manager. We’ve appointed Stephen Faulkner as our new retail operations director, as well as strengthening our production management team and introducing a range of new skilled recruits.

How did INDX Beds & Bedroom go for Hypnos? What feedback did you receive?

At this year’s show we presented three new ranges, including our Origins Organic Collection which is certified organic and endorsed by the Eden Project. We received extremely positive feedback from retailers who value the different comfort and support levels we offer, as well as the sustainability credentials behind these handcrafted products.

What are Hypnos’ plans going into H2 and beyond?

Sustainability remains a key focus for us, as we accelerate the transparency of certified materials within our mattresses and throughout our supply chain. We are passionate about sourcing fibres that are good for the environment, support communities, and promote high animal welfare standards – we want to offer our customers the ultimate in comfort with integrity.

Given the challenges facing British bed production, how prepared are you to negotiate what lies ahead?

There are industry-wide issues, with delivery costs high and product sourcing difficult at times. We’ve worked incredibly hard to create a supply chain which works with and supports British farmers and British suppliers – we’re confident this will keep us on track. 

We’re continually investing in new product development, as our dedicated team create innovative, ethical products which meet global trends and the demands of our customers, while always offering the highest levels of quality and comfort.

What makes British beds (and yours in particular) the best around?

Buying British means consumers get a trusted, high-quality product – a Hypnos bed comes supported by our Royal Warrant, marking our products as the best quality and the very best in British design. This mark of honour, held by Hypnos for over 80 years, is something I’m incredibly proud of.

We use the highest-quality, certified, sustainable materials, handcrafted by our own master craftsmen and women – each Hypnos range offers a selection of comfort and support levels, so there’s something to suit every customer.

Finally, are you able to share any developments we can expect to see in the future?

We have exciting developments in the works with our sustainability partner, The Eden Project. Their ethos lines up with our own, but our partnership is about more than creating sustainable products – we’re working together to facilitate change within our own local communities – environmentally, socially and economically.

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