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By Furniture News Jul 30, 2019

The Big Question: What’s your favourite furniture exhibition, and why?

What do you think? From emerging trends to the latest business principles, Furniture News is setting out to gauge the trade’s feelings on a variety of industry-specific topics. In this article, we’re asking: "What’s your favourite furniture exhibition, and why?"

Emma Leeke (Leekes): January Show NEC – it still is where the bulk of business is done for UK retailers

Gav Boden (GB Agencies): My favourite furniture exhibition is Milan. The organisers make it possible for the exhibitors to build bigger, design-inspired stands, and the product development which is shown there isn’t stunted by any kind of narrow-mindedness which we see forced on us by the British public. The keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ attitude of the British consumer prevents new, out-there designs being successful, which leads the suppliers/manufacturers here in the UK to be far too safe with designs, colours, etc

Jan Turner (AKA PR): January Furniture Show – probably because I’ve been going every year for more than 20 years and it’s a key event in AKA PR’s calendar

Mike Murray (Land of Beds): As a company, we go to many excellent industry events – however, if we had to pick one, it would be the National Bed Federation’s Bed Show at Telford each September. It houses the biggest number of bed suppliers under one roof at any time in the UK, with the added benefit of the Gala Dinner and awards show, which is excellent for networking and socialising with colleagues. It’s a fantastic night of celebration for our industry – recognising quality, excellence and innovation

Nick Garratt (BFM): UK, January Furniture Show. Overseas, Milan

Roy Beagent (Minerva Furniture Group): Cologne. A great show, variety, and a vast range of products from international suppliers

Rob Scarlett (Scarlett Design): Cologne. Milan without the posturing

Steve Adams (MattressOnline): We enjoyed the January Furniture Show at the NEC this year. It had a good pace and a real vibrancy about it

Jessica Alexander (NBF, AKA PR): The Bed Show, of course! 

Colin Wolfson (@colintywolfson): The City of Glasgow College furniture show is the best (I am biased because it is my alma-mater!)

Derek John Young (@derekyoung888): There’s too many of them at the wrong time of year. Period

Family Window (@familywindow): We really like Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, for its high-end brands’ presence and exposure to social media

(((mark a Jackson))) (@brookhillmark): Las Vegas Market speaks for itself!

Rieneke Kok (Interior Business): I always liked the fair in Brussels. For the Dutch market, this is where you can do your buying. And the Belgians really know how to mix work with pleasure, very hospitable

Royce Clark (Grampian Furnishers): Brussels certainly is the best at hospitality, although the JFS at the NEC has certainly become more hospitable in recent years, and it’s the best for choice, variation and ease of access (#JFSNO1!)

Dids Macdonald (ACID, The Furniture Makers’ Company): January Furniture Show, as it brings a diverse selection of mainly British companies under one roof to celebrate many of our world-class exemplars, and it also gives us a local chance to catch up with what is new and exciting in the sector, in the flesh

Nicky Stephen (Nicky Stephen Marketing): Las Vegas Market!

Carlos Bessa (Mobile Magazine): imm cologne

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