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Touched Interiors - bringing a touch of luxury to the marketplace

Touched Interiors, founded in 2009, is a retailer of luxury furniture and furnishings, which traded exclusively online before opening its flagship Manchester showroom in 2014. Victoria Noakes speaks to design director Kunal Trehan to discover more about the company’s philosophy and direction... 

Starting out as an interior designer, Kunal Trehan often found that a lack of the right products available in the market would hinder his vision and ability to bring his concepts to life. It was because of this that he wanted to create a design centre where “everything was possible through customisation”, be it with large furniture items, soft furnishings or carpets and rugs. As a result, in 2009 Kunal established luxury furniture retailer and design service Touched Interiors.

“Our vision from the start was to achieve design excellence by retailing a selection of the finest luxury interior furnishings and furniture. Uniquely, Touched Interiors allows clients to customise and commission their own dream furnishings – our made-to-order items can be customised to any size, finish or upsholstery,” says Kunal.

With the company originally solely based online, Kunal chose Manchester as the place to launch his business’ first showroom in 2014. Kunal believed that the history, style and culture that the city offered helped to encapsulate the originality and prestige of the brand. The company has recently undergone construction on the facade of the showroom to increase its visual impact.

Touched Interiors offers a wide array of furniture and furnishing products for all areas of the home, including upholstery, dining room tables and chairs, beds, cabinet furniture and rugs, as well as accessories such as mirrors, wall art, cushions, clocks and lighting. The company’s interior design services complement its portfolio, covering a personal procurement service, personal shopping, and bespoke furniture commissioning. 

“Only the most luxurious, curated materials are used when producing our items, down to measuring the crystal clarity within our chandeliers and using the highest quality wooden finish on the frames of our artwork,” explains Kunal.

From the outset, Kunal knew the company’s team would not be made up of commission-led retail sales advisors. He envisaged a top quality team that would be made up of expert textile and interior designers, so that clients could sit back and relax, knowing that they were receiving a comprehensive experience.

“We knew an unparalleled personal and elite customer service would be paramount to our success. We wanted to create a company which adapted to the needs and wants of our clients. Our brand appeals to the higher end of the market, with our clients eager to experience the unrivalled level of elegance we apply to the retail environment. We often work with clients in Cheshire’s Golden Triangle, however we have an extensive portfolio which includes clients in Europe, the US and further afield,” Kunal states.

Over recent years, Touched Interiors’ achievements, customer service and designs have gained recognition, and the company has received several accolades. These include: being named in Three Best Rated 2015’s Top Three Furniture Shops Manchester; gaining Bark’s Certificate of Excellence in the same year; winning in the 2017 Build Awards’ Interior Designers of the Year category, and winning the Luxury Furniture Supplier of the Year category at the 2017 edition of the Innovation and Excellence Awards. 

In order to keep up with the needs of a rapidly-changing market, Touched Interiors keeps a close eye on developing trends and consumer habits and desires, whilst maintaining the sense of luxury and sophistication it is known for. The company works very closely with its production houses across the EU to ensure it always offers its clients the best quality furnishings possible. 

“We approach each project with an optimistic injection of style and passion. We think the best way to match the needs of the evolving market is to listen, create and innovate,” says Kunal. 

Looking to the future, as the business continues to grow and attract clients from around the world, one of Touched Interiors’ long-terms plans is to expand its physical retail presence with a new flagship showroom in central London, alongside further retail locations in key affluent cities across the US. 

Kunal adds: “Aside from expanding our physical presence, we have been in talks with major national and international retailers with the aim of bringing the glamour and creative imagination we are renowned for into their stores, which is something we are really excited about.” 

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