23 July 2024, 22:01


In this month’s issue, we revisit a sustainable movement fuelled by months of lockdown and reflection, and ask some of the experts leading the ‘green’ conversation about directions, priorities, challenges, and whether the individual’s role still matters.

We also hear from the businesses striving to make a difference – and finding that doing so makes good financial sense.

They’re not the only ones trying to fix things before it’s too late. This month, Furniture News welcomes a new section sponsor, Furniture Sales Solutions (FSS), which believes now is the time to invest in people and processes, and is ready to help make sure yours are firing on all cylinders.

Elsewhere, we’ve interviews with JYSK’s Roni Tuominen, Danetti’s Daniel Smith and Shabby Store’s Molly Robson, plus the concluding part of our retailer review.

We also celebrate seven years of The Furniture Awards, and present the latest from Core Products, SATRA and cover star MEDITE – as well as discovering how a rap video helped change the way we think about mattresses …

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