25 July 2024, 11:48


February’s Furniture News leads with an exclusive reveal of Sussex Beds’ grand expansion plans, as we take an in-depth look at the independent retailer’s fall and rise, courtesy of CEO Steve Pickering.

There’s the return of our popular Eco Conscious feature, in which we meet The Furniture Recycling Group’s Nick Oettinger, discover why KAPDAA’s Nish Parekh sees opportunity in sustainable demand, and see which brands are laying the foundations for a greener future.

With mounting consumer demand, and new taxes and regulations imminent, we also look closely at the evolution of sustainable packaging materials and processes, with the help of the industry’s experts.

Elsewhere, VIDA’s David Caffrey gives us the lowdown on the wholesaler’s progress, Clarion’s Zoë Bonser shares the thinking behind the January Furniture Show’s postponement, and the BFM reveals new initiatives and a fresh format for next month’s Fabric Show London.

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