24 July 2024, 15:35


This month, we’re dusting off our crystal ball to see what our industry might look like 10 years from now. Gloves that let us ‘touch and feel’ furniture in VR? Personalised mattresses, 3D printed to suit? A pill that means we never need to sleep?

Alongside the more leftfield suggestions, you’ll find common themes – AI assistants, automation, smart furniture and the rise of D2C among them. There’s also the growth of sustainable practices and the circular economy, and we’re looking at the industry’s eco-conscious directions in this month’s issue, too.

We preview the Manchester Furniture Show, which promises a return to form from 10-11th July, and look back at Long Point and the Spring Furniture & Bed Show.

On top of that, we’ve interviews with MattressNextDay, Emma, and furniture consultant Nathan Edwards, retailing tips from our regular columnists, and articles on AI in design, cash flow, and return-to-vendor (RTV) situations – all capped off by a look at how to stay positive when faced with bad news.

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