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By Furniture News Jan 13, 2023

£1.4m solar energy investment leads green transformation at Leekes

Leekes Retail & Leisure Group is making a £1.4m investment in solar energy across all its department store sites, head office, and 4-star hotel.

Leekes’ 2-year programme of solar investment will be completed this spring, and will see over 1.9 million kWh per year of energy generated, allowing sites to be up to 45% self-sufficient, with over 900,000kg of CO2 emissions avoided each year.

The retail business has been formally classified as 'zero to landfill' for a number of years, but the group is also committed to further changes to reduce its impact on the planet. Since 2020 Leekes has replaced up to 80% of its lighting with LED alternatives, introduced enhanced recycling schemes and waste segregation, and removed single-use carrier bags from its operation.

These changes are combined with considerable efforts to further reduce CO2 emissions and the overall carbon footprint of the business. With its company car fleet now 25% electric, older vehicles updated, and journeys planned with the most efficient route in mind, it ensures that deliveries are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Along with business changes, Leekes has established its 'Green is our favourite colour' campaign, which promotes a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainably sourced product ranges that help to encourage lifestyle changes, supported by informative product labels and PoS made from recycled paper.

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