20 July 2024, 17:28
By Furniture News Jan 18, 2022

ACID calls for industry feedback on design rights

The UK Intellectual Property Office states that an effective intellectual property (IP) system is vital to the Government’s ambition for the UK to be the best place in the world to innovate, reports ACID, which is seeking the industry's views by way of responses to a short Intellectual Property Office (IPO) survey, here.

The IPO states: “The designs system enables rights holders to protect designs and enforce their rights. We want to make sure the designs system works for everyone who uses it.” 

ACID says the IPO is conducting a review of the designs system, and has developed the survey to seek views from anyone with an interest in designs and how they are protected. It is particularly aimed at designers, designer-makers and those who do not consider themselves IP experts. "The survey is an opportunity for designers, design-led businesses and manufacturers to have their say on the future of how designs are protected in the UK," states ACID.

Dids Macdonald, OBE, ACID’s CEO, says: “We welcome this rare opportunity for designers, design-led businesses, and manufacturers from our colleagues at the IPO to have their say on the future of how designs are protected in the UK. I hope that Government will listen and act on some of the real concerns of the designers that we represent and that they do not have to wait a further decade for much-needed design law reform.”

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