24 July 2024, 16:16
By Furniture News Jul 11, 2024

ACID partners with DCA to fight for retailers' IP rights

Anti Copying in Design (ACID) has partnered with the Direct Commerce Association (DCA) in order to provide robust Intellectual Property (IP) advice and support to members, fortifying their defences against counterfeiters and copyists in both online and offline marketplaces.

"Retailers, regardless of size, continually face the challenge of combating imitation products," states ACID. "Online marketplaces often host mimicked versions of genuine products, while large-scale retailers can mass-produce copies rapidly and unapologetically, leaving smaller, conscientious retailers on the defensive. Social media, while offering vast opportunities for exposure, also presents an easy avenue for copyists to exploit and replicate original designs.

"With the advent of AI technology, the necessity for a united community to share ideas, support each other, and confidently navigate the future has never been more critical. This partnership between ACID and the DCA represents a commitment to fostering such a community, providing a platform for collective strength and innovation.

"Together, ACID and the DCA are poised to create a resilient front against copyists, advocating for the rights of designers and retailers, ensuring the integrity of original products in the marketplace. This collaboration marks the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship and a bright future for all our members."

Victoria Revell-Higgins, DCA, says: “For our members, especially the SMEs, the financial and reputational damage caused to their businesses by blatant copying is very damaging. Most lack the wherewithal or experience to gain redress, which makes this new partnership with ACID a major benefit to all DCA members going forward.”

Laura Newbold Breen, CEO of ACID, adds: “It can often feel like the threat from copyists is insurmountable, with cheap, mass manufacturing and unregulated online selling seemingly overwhelming the marketplace. But ACID’s members have access to a wealth of support and advice. Together with the DCA, we can continue building multiple networks of supportive communities and ensure all our valued members have the tools they need to fight the fakes and combat the copycats.”


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