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By Furniture News Oct 10, 2022

ACID welcomes a new ambassador

Christine Dunford of Triclimb has accepted an invitation to become an ACID ambassador.

Despite the design of her triangular climbing apparatus being regsitered and the name trademarked, Aldi produced a lookalike and used her trademark without permission, resulting in a protracted legal battle.

Chris says: "Our experience at Triclimb has taught us that if you’re a small business looking to protect your designs, the system is very broken. We found ourselves up against much larger companies with deeper pockets. ACID was absolutely crucial for our business – they supported, championed, and worked with us all the way to a successful resolution, and I couldn’t be prouder to support the amazing work they are doing in fighting for real, on-the-ground protection for designers. IP theft is not only unfair – it stifles innovation, adversely affects the UK manufacturing sector, and ultimately costs jobs. We found ourselves in a David and Goliath situation – ACID was our slingshot and pebble." 

ACID CEO Dids Macdonald, OBE adds: “Christine’s tenacity in standing up for her IP rights has been awe-inspiring. Not only that, but she has accompanied me to meet the All-Party Parliamentary Group on IP issues and told her sad tale to parliamentarians who have taken this forward. In further talks with Government officials, the IPO is now concentrating on addressing 'David and Goliath' issues head on, and thanks to Christine and others being bold enough to tell their story we are making real progress to stop this insidious culture once and for all. Innovators like Triclimb provide the zeitgeist for tomorrow's design solutions. IP infringement, as we have seen repeatedly, from the likes of Aldi and others, is a sanitised word for theft. It must stop. We couldn’t be more delighted that Chris has joined the ranks of our impressive ambassadors.” 

Nick Kounoupias, ACID chief counsel and IP director, says: I never want to hear the words again uttered by designer Chris Dunford of Triclimb during her recent David and Goliath battle with Aldi, who said, 'I’m so disenchanted with the current IP framework – I am finding it difficult to be inspired to design again.'

"This is shameful. Christine’s wealth of experience as a truly creative designer is welcomed and I applaud the decision to make her an ACID ambassador. I know she will be a committed champion for much-needed design law reform.” 

Find the ACID IP Charter here.

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