Bed manufacturer Silentnight has launched a nationwide campaign to help people across the UK get a better night’s sleep.

Silentnight’s first online Sleep Clinic is searching for 10 people experiencing everyday sleep issues to receive a personalised sleep plan from the brand’s resident sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan.

The participants will also receive a Silentnight bed and be asked to provide weekly video updates on their progress, which will be shared on the Silentnight website during the four-week long Sleep Clinic.

The campaign has been launched by the bed manufacturer following consumer research which revealed that millions are being kept awake by the strange nocturnal habits of their other halves. More than half (55%) of people in the UK have been woken by their partner sleep talking, more than a quarter (26%) from laughing and one in 10 from sleep walking, according to the survey of 2044 people by Silentnight.

One in 16 revealed that their partner has tried to kiss them whilst dreaming, while a similar number have witnessed their other half raid the fridge and others have even watched their partner go into a public environment naked. Money worries (26%), stress (25%), and noisy neighbours (25%) have all disturbed the nation’s sleep, the survey uncovered. Almost one in 10 men (8%) blame their sex life for keeping them up at night.

Working with Dr Nerina, a sleep therapist at the Capio Nightingale Clinic in London, the campaign is aiming to help educate people across the UK that a few simple techniques can help to resolve the most common sleep issues for good. All of the information and sleep plans will also be available for people to follow at home.

The campaign is being supported by a national PR and social media campaign to drive sign-ups and promote the brand’s credentials as a leading sleep expert.

Nick Booth, marketing director for Silentnight, says: “From our partnership with Dr Nerina, to the research and development that we invest into our product range, at Silentnight we are dedicated to helping the nation get a great night’s sleep. Choosing the right mattress is the first step in helping to support positive sleep patterns. The Sleep Clinic campaign will help to communicate how simple changes to your sleep routine, as well as choosing a mattress that is right for your specific needs, can make a dramatic improvement in sleep quality.”