The Celebrate an Independent Christmas campaign is teaming up with ATCM (Association of Town and City Management) and MoLo Rewards to spread festive shopping cheer this year.

This festive season shoppers will now be able to enjoy two ways to explore their local high street. By blending the Christmas Shopping Challenge (a great family and friends experience) with cutting edge technology (thanks to MoLo Rewards and ATCM), a brand new concept called the High Street Christmas Cracker has been created.

The High Street Christmas Cracker offers the chance for retailers of all sizes to engage on a meaningful level that will help build customer relationships, increase footfall and drive sales. It encourages local people to take part, have some fun, and to visit shops and outlets in their area, perhaps for the first time.

The Christmas Shopping Challenge means that small treats and prizes help keep the kids happy whilst parents are shopping. There are also great savings and a chance to win BIG prizes to keep the adults engaged and connected to the local community

It aims to make gift giving and Christmas shopping a more traditional, fun, family friendly experience, not a frenetic dash round a supermarket or a trawl of online only merchants. It takes a glimpse into the future of local shopping, using a Smartphone and the MoLo Rewards Treasure Hunt technology to get the very most out of the high street experience in this digital age.

There is still time to get involved and create both a local Christmas Shopping Challenge or the full-blown 'High Street Christmas Cracker'. There is a nominal cost per area, which will be offset by reduced printing requirements (fewer local area 'Christmas Shopping Challenge' maps and sticker sheets required as adult participants will be encouraged to use the virtual method). There is no need to muster a prize draw as there will be national prizes which will incentivise people to get involved.

This is a great opportunity to double the impact and engage both families (which are the focus for the Christmas Shopping Challenges this year) and adults, which were more of an 'add-on' for the Christmas Shopping Challenges, but now have a whole approach that is far more suitable to engage their interest.

Those who want to do a Christmas Shopping Challenge can read about what is required here. To find out how to sign up see here and send an email with the full name of the activation partner and town(s) supported, phone number(s) and a contact email address.

To participate in the 'High Street Christmas Cracker', contact Chris Davies via email at