Jysk Group, comprising more than 2200 Jysk/Dänisches Bettenlager stores in 36 countries, has published its results for the past year, reporting earnings of €396.5m before interest and tax and a turnover, reaching €2.8b for the first time ever.

A significant investment in customer-oriented activities has yielded a record increase in turnover of 10%, so that turnover now stands at €2.8b. The company's earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) amount to €396.5m, an increase of almost 25%.

This development is due in large part to a clear focus on four key areas: investment in internal training programmes, resulting in better advice to customers; an increase in special customer-oriented activities in the stores has resulted in greater visibility of Jysk's expertise in key sectors; a significant increase in marketing investments has increased the number of customers considerably; and investment in ecommerce and online activities in general.

"It has been a fantastic year, and I would like to thank all our dedicated employees for their efforts. Naturally, customers have always been what's most important to us here at Jysk, and this past year's development is an expression of that attitude," says Jysk Group owner Lars Larsen.

Over the course of the year, the group has opened more than 100 new stores and currently has more than 2200. A similar development is also expected in the year to come – Jysk previously announced its decision to open up in Greece next year, and a decision has just been reached on  another country – soon Montenegro will get its first Jysk stores via a franchise agreement. By next year Jysk Group will have stores in 38 countries.

The Jysk Group is by far the largest segment of Lars Larsen Group, the umbrella name for all of Lars Larsen's companies which includes, among others, Bolia.com, IDEmøbler and Ilva.