Harrison Spinks is embarking on a joint venture with Macau Taiwa Machinery Group to manufacture and distribute the award-winning range of Postufil products in China. The products produced by the new joint venture, Harrison Taiwa Macau, will be sold across China. The joint venture will also enable the building of Harrison Spinks machinery for its patented process of manufacturing microcoils and pocket springs. This will facilitate a lower machine cost than currently experienced by building in the UK. Harrison Spinks will still continue to innovate, design and build its world class machinery at the firm’s headquarters in Leeds.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Macau Taiwa, as they are a very innovative family company, much like the Harrison Spinks Group” says Richard Essery, Spinks Springs MD. “We are expecting this new company to allow us to penetrate the Chinese market, which has been difficult to access in the past due to high shipping and material costs. Building our machines on a lower cost base to our exact requirements will also be very beneficial financially.”

“It is an honor to be partnering with Harrison Spinks, working with the most innovative company in the world will allow our company to learn and grow in the right direction,” stated Nelson Wu, sales director for Macau Taiwa Machinery Group. “With Spinks Spring’s innovation and our manufacturing, we will surely provide the market with well-suited products. We also believe that our location and experience in China will help and extend the innovative springs product invented by Harrison Spinks to the Chinese market. The joint venture will have mutual benefit for both of our companies.”

Comfort increases exponentially as coils are layered, providing manufacturers with the ability to create a range of comfort in their finished products of both mattresses and furniture. Also, because microcoils provide three dimensional stretch, they further enhance comfort and support.
Spinks Springs introduced the tiny, durable coils several years ago using a patented process. At 22 to 24mm high depending on coil design, Posturfil HD springs offer a spring count equivalent to more than 2000 coils in a 150 x 200cm mattress. The 38mm tall Posturfil springs are available in five different tensions, with spring counts up to 1000 coils in a 150 x 200cm mattress.