In partnership with The Children’s Sleep Charity, The Sleep Council has re-launched its Good-Night Guide for Children leaflet along with a specialist teen website to support a wider campaign of educating parents and children about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

With a fresh new look, the Good-Night Guide for Children is packed with hints on how to choose a bed for a growing child plus information on common children's sleeping problems and advice on how to overcome them.

Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council says: “The children’s leaflet has always been popular but since its revamp, we’ve already sent out over 4,000 copies, in a two-week period, to parents searching for advice.”

The leaflet is available free of charge, both on and offline to the public. Retailers and manufacturers can order in quantities from 50 copies upwards through the Sleep Biz website

The Sleep Council has also developed a brand new micro site,, following its latest campaign which looked into the sleeping habits of teens, ahead of the exam season.

The site, aimed directly at the teen rather than the parent, centres on an interactive bedroom and looks at what can help or hinder their sleep. Practical pointers include why switching off gadgets, the right and wrong foods to eat and relaxing is important.

“Our latest research showed that a worryingly high number of teenagers are not getting as much sleep as they need to function and perform at their best in the build up to exams,” says Lisa. “But actually teen sleep is an issue full stop, with many not getting the amount they need on a general basis – and it’s down to a number of factors including technology, school worries and relationships.

“It is important to remind teens that a good night’s sleep triggers changes in the brain that help to improve memory, meaning they’ll be much better able to remember what they learnt the day before. Lack of sleep can end up clouding judgement or increasing the number of mistakes made but it also impacts on mood, weight, skin, what they eat and health.

“We hope our dedicated teen site will provide a fun but informative tool in educating teens on the importance of sleep.”