The Sleep Council’s Buy British Beds campaign has returned. With a new toolkit available to download, The Sleep Council is giving retailers another opportunity to remind consumers to buy British beds. The artwork is free of charge and consists of a logo, two banners, a poster and a social media infographic. Retailers are encouraged to use the logo on their existing PoS – posters, footmats, and display boards - as well as on their websites.

“We developed a special version of The Sleep Council logo with a Union Jack face in 2012 when British fever was at its peak. This patriotic interest hasn’t waned, and following feedback from our retailer panel we decided to support this campaign further with some additional elements that retailers could use,” says Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council.

“There are many reasons for choosing to buy British when buying a bed, like the fact that UK beds are amongst the most advanced in the world, using the latest technologies for superb comfort and durability."

British bed making continues to be a thriving industry, with more than 100 manufacturers making beds across Britain, many of them National Bed Federation approved members.

Adds Lisa: “We have a long history of producing the best beds in the world, so if you’re looking for a new bed then take a look for the Buy British Beds logo, and for added reassurance that the bed you’re buying is safe, clean and honest, make sure you look out for those beds that feature the NBF Approved logo.”