Dreams has launched a new mattress initiative, Replace Every 8, which highlights the health, sleep and wellbeing benefits of replacing a mattress every eight years

According to Dreams, it is the first national retailer to launch an initiative of this nature. Grounded in Dreams’ own research, the initiative will be supported by an extensive marketing campaign with a media value of £4m. Running from 10th August until the end of September 2015, the campaign will incorporate TV, cinema, radio, press, digital display, VOD, content marketing, PR and social media, as well as in-store marketing. The campaign is set to reach approximately 94% of UK adults.

Replace Every 8 will complement Dreams’ emphasis on customer service. Lisa Bond, marketing director, Dreams, says: “An initiative of this significance around the health and sleep benefits of changing your mattress has never been attempted before by a national retailer on such a large scale.

"As the UK’s leading bed specialist, with 60% of our products manufactured in our own British factory, we feel we are well placed to front such a campaign. A mattress goes through a great deal over the years, and its age can make all the difference between a great night’s sleep and a bad one. With this campaign, we aim to highlight these points with an educational and factual approach, providing all the advice and expertise consumers might need when making the important decision to replace their mattress.”