has reported an increase of sales of 63.4% in its financial reports for 2014. During the year, Made launched in the Netherlands, and saw International sales expand to 24% of its total (from 12% in 2013). It also launched an industry first, the Unboxed social showroom.

Operating losses increased to £5.3m from £4.9m in 2013.

During the first six months of 2015, Made reports sales up 47%. The company opened its flagship showroom in Soho, and launched in Germany and Belgium, bolstered by a $60m growth round to fund its European expansion.

Susanne Given was appointed to the board, and Made announced plans to open a showroom in Liverpool this autumn.

Ning Li, CEO of, says: “Made is fast approaching a tipping point in its evolution, with continued rapid sales growth and improving financial metrics. Overseas sales now contribute 30% of total sales demonstrating that the brand and product have international appeal and reflecting the continued investment we are making in European expansion and improving the customer experience.

“This momentum has continued into 2015 with sales growth of 46% for the first six months of the year and the successful entry into Europe’s largest furniture market, Germany. With funding secured and infrastructure proven, Made is well positioned to capture the opportunity, presented as the furniture industry transitions online.”