Mattress brand Sealy UK has reported that October was the busiest month in the company's 41-year history, with over 1000 of its Which? Best Buy Award-winning Napoli and Teramo mattresses being ordered every week.

"Growth is up everywhere," says sales and marketing director Neil Robinson, who attributes Sealy's success to its efforts to access the premium end of the market, alongside general economic recovery. "The Which? awards have been the icing on the cake, taking us over the levels we've previously expected."

Early in 2015, Sealy’s Napoli mattress retained its Best Buy accolade as the highest-scoring product in the benchmarker's bed review, pocket spring category, for the third year in succession. This summer, the company went a stage further, its Teramo mattress achieving the highest score by reviewers of all beds tested – Which? magazine called it “the best mattress we’ve tested in years”.

Sealy UK has reported that the Napoli is selling four times as fast as it was three years ago, and the Teramo is receiving 12 times as many orders since its June win.

With the support of a high-profile promotional campaign to highlight these wins, the impact on all of Sealy’s bed and mattress sales has been remarkable. These two mattresses alone are now responsible for generating some 25% of the company’s total general independent retail sales, and business is up across all the ranges by some 30% this year.