The BFM is part of an industry consortium that manages Working Tri21, an EU-funded project which aims to enhance the social inclusion of people suffering from disabilities by integrating them into the job market, specifically in the furniture industry – social inclusion through job inclusion.

There is a long history of those with disabilities finding it difficult to secure employment due to a lack of knowledge, procedure, training, or appropriate adjustments being made. The project aims to research and develop support for those with disabilities, with a primary focus on individuals with Down Syndrome (Trisomy21, hence the project name), with the long-term goal of enabling their employment.

The research part of the project has identified the skills, abilities and knowledge regarding prospective job roles in the furniture industry, and the developmental support will now focus on tailoring training packages for individuals with special needs to undertake employment in the furniture industry. Finally, trial tests will be carried out in Spain, with the finished, furniture-related training courses being designed and available for use in most EU countries. 

The Working Tri21 project is a consortium consisting of the BFM (UK), Asociacion Empresarial De Investigacion Centro Tecnologico Del Muebley La Madera De La Region De Murcia (Spain), Associazione Centro Studi Città di Foligno (Italy) and the Associazione Italiana Persone Down Onlus – AIPD (Italy), and is funded through Erasmus+.