Bed manufacturer Silentnight has advised the public to be mindful of fire safety this Christmas, pointing to figures from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents that show that people are 50% more likely to lose their lives in an accidental fire at this time of year – indeed, 18% of Christmas tree fires start at home due to decorative lighting.

Silentnight states that there is a number of ways to prevent a home from being a target of fire. Children’s bedrooms, living rooms and the kitchen are the key areas to look after to ensure potential hazards are stopped this season.

With all the activities happening around the Christmas season it is easy to forget about precautions to take when decorating the house, cooking dinner and putting the children to bed.

Key fire tips for keeping a home and family safe include: smoke alarms must be installed and maintained in the best position; fairy lights should be turned off at night time or when leaving the house; hanging decorations need to be kept away from lights or candles; do not overload sockets with Christmas lights; no not hang stockings close to the fire; never leave candles unattended; and take precautions when cooking – a high number of fires in house dwellings take place in the kitchen.