There are just a few days to go before the British Furniture Manufacturers’ (BFM) annual regulatory and technical seminar on 4th November in Birmingham.

It will cover topics such as environment health and safety (EHS) developments, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) campaigns, health surveillance requirements and developments in standards. It will also look at the current state of compensations claims from the insurer’s perspective, crisis management and changes to health and safety sentencing rules. The seminar will also feature guest speakers from SAGAR Insurance, BLM solicitors and the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA), as well as the BFM’s Alistair Bromhead.

The event will take place at Cranmore Park, Birmingham. It will begin at 10am and is scheduled to end at 1pm, followed by a buffet lunch. The cost of the course is £50 and is available to BFM members.

For further information on the event, contact