The British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) has launced an Association Code of Practice (ACOP) for its members.

The new initiative is designed to demonstrate the industry’s commitment to quality and service to the trade, and to give consumers added confidence when buying British furniture.

By signing up to the ACOP, manufacturing members and potential members have an opportunity to become BFM Approved Members. This certifies that a company produces at least 50% of its products in the UK and conforms to the range of UK legal, fiscal and regulatory requirements as a minimum.

Initially the code is being operated on a self-certification basis in order to keep the scheme as simple and accessible as possible, requiring a declaration of conformance from members aligned to current legal obligations.

Jackie Bazeley, BFM MD, says: “While members are not bound to sign up to the ACOP for 2018, the BFM is encouraging everyone to do so, to further enhance the image of the industry and qualify for their Approved Member logo.”

To further support the ACOP launch, a programme of consumer magazine advertising is planned for later this year.