Hypnos is marking The Sleep Council's Sleeptember campaign by revealing plans to work with performance wellbeing specialist Natalie Pennicotte Collier [MSC, MBCT, D.CHyp, DHybKG, Accred CNHC].

As well as advising Hypnos' customers on ways to improve their sleep and wellbeing, Natalie will also be consulting and supporting Hypnos’ 500-strong workforce on getting the best night’s sleep possible.

As one of the UK’s leading performance wellbeing experts, Natalie – aka The Mind Coach - specialises in sleep, stress and wellbeing solutions. Over the past decade she has dedicated her time to understanding the human nervous system and how people can harness the power of the mind, positive psychology and mindfulness to optimise sleep wellbeing and mental health.

As a clinical therapist Natalie is one of the few integrative therapists working in elite sport, private practice and leading sleep and mindful wellbeing strategies in organisations worldwide.

Chris Ward, group marketing director at Hypnos Beds, explains: “Hypnos has been expertly manufacturing luxury, handcrafted beds for over 100 years, and we are always looking at ways to improve how people sleep by creating innovative solutions to this. We know that wellbeing plays a major role in general health and the overall sleep process, so working with an expert in this field seemed a natural fit with our business.

“By combining our bedmaking expertise alongside Natalie’s sleep and wellbeing knowledge, we will have a totally holistic approach to better sleep, which provides an unprecedented offering for our customers, and added benefits to our staff.”

Natalie adds: “Hypnos is a widely respected bed brand which places the quality and comfort of its customers at the core of its business. This felt like a very natural partnership for me as we share a passion for creating a better sleep experience for people. Our habits and approach to sleep can have a powerful impact on our lives so it’s important we get the best sleep we possibly can and redefine our relationship with rest and recovery across night and day.”