Lombok has issued a positive trading update, in which it states that its new management team and product ranges are continuing to work well for the retailer's customer base.

Lombok have bucked industry trends, with trading up +11% YOY for online and retail sales for Q4 2018.

The retailer saw a particularly strong online performance in December, with sales up +45% on 2017, and this trend continued into the new year. In addition, Lombok says that retail sales have shown steady growth across Q4.

The growth in online sales came from the Lombok's furniture category, driven by new products in all ranges such as upholstered beds, sofas and armchairs. Other contributing factors have been higher-than-planned core line sales, bolstered by Lombok’s new brand identity. Additionally, working with a new supplier in Europe, where Lombok finds that lead times are shorter and QC easier to manage, has also helped the brand grow.