British soft-fill furnishings manufacturer Bazaar Group has joined the British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM).

The Cramlington-based manufacturer launched its first in-store retail collection, Ayla, at this year's January Furniture Show, having already established itself as a leading online specialist in soft seating.

Philippe Galland, Bazaar Group's head of sales and marketing, says: "The membership demonstrates our commitment to flying the flag for homegrown products and our support for the British furniture and furnishings sector. We are keen to provide retailers with the assurance that we are delivering the highest standards with product quality and industry requirements."

Nick Garratt, BFM MD, adds: "We are delighted to welcome Bazaar Group into membership of BFM and I look forward to working with them going forwards. It is always nice to welcome young, fast-growing companies into our membership, and Bazaar Group are particularly interesting because they have a great reputation for product design and innovation."