Emma has appointed Dr Verena Senn as the head of its Sleep Expert Taskforce (SET), a new sleep-science specialist division within the rolled mattress brand's R&D team.

After earning her PhD in neurobiology from the University of Basel, Verena completed her post-doctorate studies at Ernst Struengmann Research Institute and spent nearly 15 years in research on topics for brain and psychological behaviour.

Verena is the latest high-profile name to join Emma’s growing R&D department, now standing at over 10 personnel dedicated to improving sleep quality and designing the future of sleep. The arrangement will see Verena addressing problems associated with sleep from her unique standpoint, and challenging product designs to incorporate new solutions.

Verena says: “Sleep has remained fairly unchanged for thousands of years. However, industrialisation brought to the world electrical light that also began a steady trend of sleep pattern violation. While we know we should get a quality night’s rest, and for about eight hours per night, progress must also take place to complement the biology of sleep. I look forward to applying the knowledge I’ve accumulated over my career in neurobiology towards revolutionising and modernising the sleep landscape.”

Manuel Müller, chief entrepreneurship officer and co-founder of Emma, adds: “In 2019 alone, we have injected more than £2m into R&D in our mission to achieve sleep perfection for the people of Britain. The announcement of our Sleep Expert Taskforce signals our continued investment in our locally-made, globally award-winning Original Mattress and accessories range.”

Pictured: Dr Verena Senn