Industry movement is launching an end-to-end Covid-19 support programme for the more-than 200,000 local business owners across the UK struggling on the coronavirus-era high street. will work closely with businesses for 12 weeks to develop and implement personalised plans, considering everything they could be doing to protect, adapt and even grow their business in 2020.

It is using a digital assistant app called Jo to ensure tailored support can be delivered remotely and affordably, and is launching an email newsletter to provide subscribers with a new idea every day. 

The movement has built partnerships with more than 150 Local Authorities, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), local community groups, trade associations and landlords to ensure this new support is available to local businesses across the UK as quickly as possible.

Founding partner Alex Schlagman comments: “The high street will never be the same again, but it is not dead. Diverse, successful high streets benefit us all and to ensure that future, we will need an army of successful local independents. The COVID-19 support programme exists to ensure every local business in the UK has the best chance of success through these unprecedented times.”