As of 1st January 2022, all new wooden products launched by JYSK will be FSC certified. By the end of 2024, all of the retailer's wooden products will be made from FSC-certified wood.

JYSK has been a member of FSC since 2006, and during that period, the retailer has worked to increase the percentage of products produced from FSC-certified wood. Now JYSK says it is ready to take the final steps.

”It has always been the goal for JYSK to reach 100% FSC certification," says JYSK's executive vice president purchasing, Peter Andsager. "However, in line with our values, we did not set a final date, until we had a clear plan of how to get there. That plan is now in place, and I am happy to say that as of 1st January 2025, we will use FSC-certified wood in all JYSK products.”

JYSK's suppliers have been informed of the new requirements, so they have time to find alternative suppliers of wood if needed.

”Of course we want to move as quickly as possible, but in respect of our long-term co-operation with most of our suppliers, it is only fair to provide them with reasonable time to find alternatives if needed," Peter continues. "I will also underline that the non FSC-certified wood, used for JYSK products today, is sourced responsibly. But by demanding only FSC-certified wood, we raise the bar even further, as FSC sets very high demands in a number of areas."

He also makes it clear that the goal does not just concern wood used in products. "We are changing raw materials used for packaging on an ongoing basis. This includes phasing out a number of types of plastic and replacing them with recyclable packaging made from cardboard. Also, as a part of that process, we require FSC-certified materials."

Director of FSC Denmark, Søren Grue, is thrilled that one of the world's biggest retailers has made this commitment. ”When a large retailer like JYSK breaks out and sets ambitious sustainability targets, it creates a ripple effect," he says. "It is not just a matter of raising the ambitions of sub-suppliers and partners. It is also about sending a strong signal within their segment of business to inspire others to raise the bar and set ambitious targets. It is exactly this kind of ambition we need to put an end to unsustainable forestry."