The National Bed Federation (NBF) has set up a new body, the Suppliers Council, to focus on the interests of the association’s component supplier and support services membership.

Its remit is to explore all aspects of supplier membership, from criteria for membership and member benefits to participation, including suppliers’ presence at The Bed Show.

The new NBF council will be chaired by the association’s vice chairman, Simon Green of CPS Labels, who represents suppliers on the board. He will be supported by John Cotton’s Mark Baron, also a longstanding board member.

Says Simon: “The dividing lines between manufacturers, suppliers, retailers have narrowed considerably over recent years as we all work closely to develop the best products and services for the end-consumers. As a result, we now all work in close partnership and to support this, the NBF is adjusting to reflect everyone’s changing needs.

"Without a close collaboration between suppliers and manufacturers there would be no mattress industry – it is the joint creativity and product development that drives innovation. By giving suppliers more of a voice through the new Suppliers Council, the NBF is recognising the importance of that partnership.”

Jessica Alexander, NBF executive director, adds: “While UK mattress and bed manufacturers remain at the core of the NBF, we have always had component supplier members – in recent years, with equal membership status. They are represented on the executive board and play an active role on many of our working committees. But we felt it was time for a specific platform where they could express and discuss their views of the association, their place in it, and their suggestions for future development.”

The other members of the council are: Bart Desmet, sales manager, Maes Mattress Ticking; Nick Harland Smith, MD, Handy; Mike Holmes, MD, L & P Springs UK; Gerd Derieuw, sales group manager, Bekaert Deslee; Ian Owen, European sales manager, Spinks Springs; Andrew Payne, business development director, Edward Clay & Sons; and Richard Page, UK regional director, Vita Group Comfort Division.