15 June 2024, 09:48
By Furniture News Sept 11, 2019

Artisan acquires online rights to PD Global

London-based online drop-shipping specialist Artisan Furniture has acquired the online brand rights to PD Global, a 40-year-old furniture and accessories brand which is currently in administration.

Artisan Furniture states it embodies the ethos PD Global online was built on – economical, safe, sustainable furniture and accessories made by passionate artisans.

Sandie Johnston, erstwhile founder and MD of PD Global, says: “I am pleased that Artisan Furniture will be looking after my online presence that we’ve spent the better part of a decade cultivating.”

Sandie and Tim Johnston started Pine Direct (PD) over 40 years ago. PD Global was at the forefront of the home furniture industry for decades, but went into administration in July due to mounting losses.

Amit Basu, founder and CEO of Artisan Furniture, says: “I’m humbled and proud to carry on Sandie’s remarkable legacy.”

All of PD Global's assets and liabilities – including legal formalities – are being managed by court-appointed administrator FRP Advisory, and Artisan's legal right is strictly confined to the ownership of its domain name.

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