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By Furniture News Jan 03, 2024

Be More Sloth, says eveSleep

Responding to a survey that revealed that 46% of Brits admit to being anxious about resuming their job in January, with over a third (34%) routinely having nightmares about work, eveSleep has launched the world’s “slowest” relaxation and sleep video, in a bid to combat the nation’s restlessness.

The sleep brand's Be More Sloth video, which aims to help reduce stress and insomnia, lasts 20 hours, and shows footage of a sloth as it sleeps throughout the day in the Costa Rican rainforest.

The length of the video is inspired by the slow movements of sloths, which spend up to 20 hours asleep and move at a rate of 40 yards per day.

eveSleep’s research revealed that 45% found 2023 more stressful than the previous year, with 67% blaming the cost of living crisis and almost half (48%) worrying about rising energy bills.

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings says: “Quality sleep is the best present you can give to the busy mind. We naturally dream about work – sometimes in nightmare form – because it is such a central aspect of our daily lives and impacts a multitude of concerns from our sense of wellbeing and our finances to our purpose in life.

“To induce better sleep, keeping your bedroom at a steady temperature, not using mobile devices before sleep and a good mattress can all help. As can listening to repetitive but gentle sounds like rain or ocean waves, which can influence the brain to become calm and ready for sleep.

“eveSleep’s 20-hour relaxation and sleep video includes not only the gentle sounds of the rainforest, but features a sleeping sloth, the world’s slowest animal. Seeing animals in their natural settings, where they exhibit rhythmic movements and behaviours, create a soothing effect on the mind, revealing our innate connection to the natural world, making us feel calm and tranquil, the ideal environment for distraction from everyday worries, reducing stress, promoting relaxation and creating a sense of peace, making it ideal for falling asleep and staying asleep.”

Rachel Marshall, brand manager at eveSleep, comments: “It’s shocking to see just how many of us suffer from stress induced insomnia. We wanted to provide something real and tangible for consumers to help them reduce their anxiety and what better role model to take relaxation tips from than the humble sloth. We hope people find the video useful."

To celebrate the launch of the video and its end-of-year sale, eveSleep is offering shoppers the chance to adopt a sloth from Drusillas Park when they purchase any eve products before 9th January. Proceeds from the adoptions will go to The Sloth Conservation Foundation.

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