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By Furniture News Jul 22, 2021

Bed retailer launches sleep ambassador initiative

Mattress Online has rolled out a programme to tackle sleep-related issues in the workplace and boost mental and physical health.

Working in partnership with The Sleep Charity, Mattress Online has launched a Workplace Sleep Ambassador initiative, and appointed its first official sleep ambassador.

Personal assistant Tracy Browne volunteered to become the fast-growing company’s first sleep ambassador, and completed online training with The Sleep Charity. She will promote sleep wellbeing and encourage colleagues to talk about sleep and its importance to a healthy body and mind.

Mattress Online CEO Steve Adams explains: “Sleep is critical to health, and it’s vitally important our team has the best practical advice and support to deal with sleep-related issues. As a mattress retailer supplying the biggest brands to hundreds of thousands of homes, we’re used to helping our customers achieve a good night’s sleep.

“The health of our hard-working team at Mattress Online is equally important. Lack of quality sleep can affect employee engagement, stress and productivity levels. It affects mental and physical health. Insomnia is incredibly common, and people who sleep less than six hours have a significantly higher mortality rate.

“We want to open up conversations around sleep and develop a culture where our team can talk, share issues and support each other. We plan to train more ambassadors in the next few months."

Tracy adds: “We all have periods in our life when sleep doesn’t come easily, and it affects everything we do. I’m already supporting colleagues with tips which are based on the latest research, and it makes so much sense considering our line of business. Colleagues have been very forthcoming, and it’s proving quite a talking point.”

Mattress Online, which employs 62 people, is a key supporter of The Sleep Charity, a national charity which promotes the importance of sleep. The Sleep Charity runs several training programmes supporting businesses, employees, parents and young people.

Pictured: Steve Adams and Tracy Browne

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