20 May 2024, 10:18
By Furniture News Feb 20, 2023

Bed retailer switches to greener packaging

MattressNextDay reports that it has transitioned from from plastic to plant-based packaging.

The etailer states that it now exclusively uses a polythene packaging, Marpak Green, in its warehouse – a polymer made from sugarcane: "Marpak Green film retains the same functional properties as regular packaging, but is 100% recyclable. Plus, its production process removes CO2 from the atmosphere," states CEO Martin Seeley (pictured).

"Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility has led us to adopt a new packaging solution that not only eliminates plastic but also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Our adoption of Marpak Green film is a testament to our efforts in finding eco-friendly alternatives and achieving our sustainability goals. We hope this inspires other businesses to make the switch to greener alternatives as well." 

MattressNextDay worked with Marpak Extrusions, one of the first film producers in the UK to use Braskem’s sustainable polymer, Green PE.

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