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By Furniture News Aug 18, 2021

Bensons launches £3m ad campaign

Just a week after outlining strong pent-up demand from customers, Bensons for Beds will today launch a major advertising campaign - its biggest since the end of lockdown restrictions and the reopening of 'non-essential' stores.

Filmed on the shores of Buttermere, Cumbria, 'Wake up in a good place' reinforces Bensons’ expertise in sleep and its role in refreshing the mind.

Over the next eight weeks, the £3m multichannel campaign will bring the power of a good night’s sleep to Britain’s attention as the nation emerges from the disruption of lockdown.

In support of the campaign, Bensons today outlined research that showed that over two in five Britons (41%) said their sleep had deteriorated since the start of the pandemic, while a third (36%) said they found it hard to sleep because of worries, with families, finances and lockdown restrictions heading the list of concerns. And the quality of sleep also seems a challenge – almost half of people (47%) were not now sleeping through the whole of the night.

Just as many are seeking staycations this year, Bensons’ advertising agency VCCP sought out homegrown locations that could be the backdrop to the campaign. After an extensive search, they shot the whole campaign on the shores of Buttermere in Cumbria.

Bensons’ marketing director, Helen Nunn, says: “We know the last 18 months have been tough for many – we’ve all been impacted in one way or another. And that’s why we believe reminding people to relax, find a place to switch off and set themselves up for sleep that refreshes the mind, is a message that will resonate strongly.”

Bensons’ sleep expert Dr Sophie Bostock adds: "Sleep is incredibly important for our emotional wellbeing, as well as our physical health. This campaign is a great reminder that one of the simplest things you can do to start your day feeling positive, is to protect a good night's sleep the night before. Sleep helps us to reset our emotions, as well as playing important roles in boosting energy, consolidating memory, managing appetite, and strengthening our immune defences. To wake up in a good place, the ideal thing is to go to sleep in a good place! If you can feel positive, safe and relaxed at bedtime you're more likely to sleep through the night. Sticking to a regular pattern of wake times and bedtimes is also really important for improving sleep quality, and mood during the day."

To support the campaign, Bensons is also teaming up with Cumbria Tourism and its website to offer a two-night stay at a secret Lake District location and a £2000 bedroom makeover. The competition will go live next month. Full details, alongside the ad campaign, can be found here.

The TV advertising launches a week after Bensons confirmed its business was stepping up its transformation plans as sales bounced back following the easing of lockdown restrictions. One year on from a refinancing deal, the nationwide bed and mattress retailer reported significant pent-up demand from customers at its reopened 180-plus store network, and continued strong online sales. It continues to invest in marketing, manufacturing, digital transformation and remodelling its store estate, with new stores opening in Paisley, Orpington, Southport and Hull.

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