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By Mike Dimond Jan 06, 2014

BFM nears 2014 agreement with GMB

Last month, a basis for agreement was reached between the BFM and the GMB for a 2014 Wages & Conditions Agreement effective from the first full pay week in January 2014. The agreement covers, principally, production workers in the furniture manufacturing industry.

The agreement is not yet finalised as it is subject to a ballot of GMB members, the result of which is expected towards the end of January. The GMB is strongly recommending acceptance to its members of the basis of the agreement. The details of the agreement are available to BFM members in the members' area of the website.

In response to the union claim, the BFM used a number of key performance indicators to show that while there was a suggestion that the furniture manufacturing industry’s performance was improving along with the economy, as yet there was only a hint of better fortunes to come. Costs still remained an issue however, as did continually-squeezed profit margins, and any offer made had to reflect the fragile state of the industry, says the BFM.

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