24 May 2024, 15:22
By Furniture News Oct 26, 2020

BFM seeks feedback on material shortages

The British Furniture Manufacturers' (BFM) association has written to members of the supply chain to establish the causes and actions being taken to address price hikes and shortages in foam materials.

The move comes as the nation’s furniture industry faces unprecedented price increases and shortages in foam, as well as other key materials used in the manufacture of goods.

Nick Garratt, MD of the BFM, says: “This is a national issue. Furniture manufacturers across Britain are facing the same challenges, to source materials to enable their factories to operate and maintain production.

“We have written to those in the supply chain to build a clear picture of the issue. Our objective is to understand and assure our members when we can get back to normality and previous prices.

“We appreciate that the situation will bring severe disruption, impacting on operations and meaning some orders cannot be fulfilled in the critical pre-Christmas period. This comes at a time as the British furniture industry is already trying to balance the challenges faced from Covid-19. The situation will also bring significant disappointment and inconvenience to their customers.”

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