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By Paul Bazeley Aug 20, 2014

BFM to return to Russia

After a successful exhibition at the British Embassy two years ago, the British Furniture Manufacturers’ association (BFM) is set to return to Russia in October, to represent British furniture at the I Saloni furniture exhibition in Moscow between 15-18th October.

From a small showcase in the British embassy with approximately 2000 visitors, to a stand at the main international show in Moscow with over 43,000 people attending I Saloni last year, the second visit will be a further step towards accessing the Russian market.

“The Residence show in 2012 was very much a launch and awareness building exercise, with the furniture being shown to a large number of designers and retailers for the first time,” says Andrew Robinson, director of Russianality, BFM’s Russian representative.

Joining the BFM will be David Gundry Upholstery, Distinctive Chesterfields, Wesley-Barrell and the Där Lighting Group. The five companies will be sharing a 50 sqm stand. Other companies such as Meadowmead and Moons, which were unable to fund the trip, will also be represented.

“More awareness of the quality and competitiveness of British furniture,” are the main aims of the trip, “and also more sales in the short and long term from new contacts made at the exhibition,” adds Andrew.

Jackie Bazeley, MD of the BFM, says: “Whilst exhibiting at I Saloni is the next step in the promotion of UK product in Russia, it is only a step. The momentum needs to be maintained, and we are already in discussion with the organisers of I Saloni Milan to replicate the idea there. I Saloni Milan 2014 was attended by 311,781 trade operators – 205,464 of whom were from foreign countries, and a high percentage of those were from Russia. This will be an even bigger platform and opportunity to showcase UK products, and not only to the Russian market. I Saloni Moscow is only the beginning.”

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