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By Furniture News Aug 12, 2014

BIS announces public consultation on match and cigarette tests

The BIS has launched a public consultation regarding proposed amendments to schedule 5 - the match test and schedule 4 - the cigarette test, which affect both the upholstery and bed industry supply chains.

The deadline for the consultation period will be 7 October 2014 at 5pm. The consultation documents can be found here.

There will also be an open day at BIS on 19 August 2014 to discuss the consultation and to answer any queries. Those who wish to attend the open day should contact John O'Shea at john.o'[email protected] to register their interest.

FIRA will be responding to the consultation, however, It is important that those in the industry read the consultation documents in detail and respond as an individual organisation within the required timeframe.

A brief summary of changes are as follows:

The test filling will change from the current non FR polyurethane foam, to either;
1. FR Foam (if only foam is used in the construction of the product) or;
2. FR foam with polyester fibre wrap

If, during the test, the cover material splits or hole formation is observed, then additional tests to assess other easily ignitable materials will be required to be carried out on components that fall within 40mm of the visible outer cover. Also, there will be a regulation of lining materials which are directly behind the visible cover by incorporation into the new visible cover test.

These are new requirements. As an industry, lining materials and other components within the construction have not been considered previously. Everyone will need to assess all of their products to see how this new requirement will affect their business.

FIRA has carried out some testing to assess the new proposed changes – the results of which can be found here.

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