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By Furniture News Sept 26, 2017

British Furniture Manufacturers to host export seminar

The British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) is to host a seminar for its members to examine the trade implications of exiting the EU on 31st October.  

The event will take place at the exhibition centre at Cranmore Park, Birmingham, with speaker Carl Pitchford, ceo of Capricorn Consulting. He has delivered a number of seminars on exporting to specific European and international markets. 

Carl will present his view on Brexit and how it may affect the UK furniture industry, looking at both exporting and importing as well as any barriers to trade and where the UK will likely sit with World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules. 

The seminar will also explore the effect on high street spending and consumer confidence, plus prices of materials, components and semi-finished products. A question and answer session will bring the day to a close.

Jackie Bazeley, BFM MD, says: "Our event will provide members with crucial information following Britain's departure from the EU. It will look at the potential implications for UK furniture manufacture, as well as the effect on imported materials and exported products.

"Our seminars are just one of the ways in which we provide our members with information on current and changing laws within the furniture industry to ensure they are kept up-to-date with key material." 

The day will run from 10am to 1pm followed by lunch and is available to BFM members. Those wishing to register should email [email protected]

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